Water Worlds and Surfing Places

My interest in Water Worlds and Surfing Places combines cultural, geographical, philosophical and natural concerns. I have published widely in this area, including policy reports, journal papers, and edited volumes. I have a contract with Routledge for a monograph which ties this work together, entitled ‘Surfing Spaces’.

I am also working with Kim Peters, Phil Steinberg and Andrew Davies in editing the Routledge Handbook of Ocean Space.


The call of the sea‘ paper, referenced in surf magazine Surf Simply can be found here.

I am currently working with Lyndsey Stoodley in establishing an International Surfing Spaces Research Network including scholars from a range of universities across the globe (Cardiff University International Collaboration Grant, £8360) .

External funding has also  been generated from the Sports Council of Wales (SCW, £9,463) to investigate the participation regimes and motivations for surfing in Wales, and producing user-group reports for both SCW and Welsh Assembly Government [Surf_REPORT_Anderson].

The edited volume ‘Water Worlds: Human Geographies of the Ocean‘ (co-edited with Dr Kimberley Peters), has recently been published by Ashgate.


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Journal Papers.

3. Anderson, J. 2015. On trend and on the wave: carving cultural identity through water-side surf dress. Special Issue: Dress. Journal of Leisure Research. DOI: 1080/11745398.2015.1106327

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Chapters in books

10. Anderson, J. forthcoming. On being shaped by surfing: experiencing the world of the littoral zone. Seascapes: Shaped by the sea. in Brown. M. Humberstone, B. eds. Ashgate: Farnham.

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Here are some other presentations and papers that have arisen from this work:

4. Affective Landscapes – Can only a surfer know the feeling?

5. From the sea. A film from a surfer’s perspective.

6. Relational Places. Paper presented at the RGS/IBG conference, London, 2010.

6. Surfing Green. Paper presented at the AAG conference, Las Vegas, 2009.

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