Water Worlds and Surfing Places

My interest in Water Worlds and Surfing Places combines cultural, geographical, philosophical and natural concerns. I have published widely in this area, including policy reports, journal papers, and edited volumes. I have a contract with Routledge for a monograph which ties this work together, entitled ‘Surfing Spaces’.

I am also working with Kim Peters, Phil Steinberg and Andrew Davies in editing the Routledge Handbook of Ocean Space.

I am currently working with Lyndsey Stoodley in establishing an International Surfing Spaces Research Network including scholars from a range of universities across the globe (Cardiff University International Collaboration Grant, £8360) .

External funding has also  been generated from the Sports Council of Wales (SCW, £9,463) to investigate the participation regimes and motivations for surfing in Wales, and producing user-group reports for both SCW and Welsh Assembly Government [Surf_REPORT_Anderson].

The edited volume ‘Water Worlds: Human Geographies of the Ocean‘ (co-edited with Dr Kimberley Peters), has recently been published by Ashgate.


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Journal Papers.

3. Anderson, J. 2015. On trend and on the wave: carving cultural identity through water-side surf dress. Special Issue: Dress. Journal of Leisure Research. DOI: 1080/11745398.2015.1106327

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Chapters in books

10. Anderson, J. forthcoming. On being shaped by surfing: experiencing the world of the littoral zone. Seascapes: Shaped by the sea. in Brown. M. Humberstone, B. eds. Ashgate: Farnham.

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Here are some other presentations and papers that have arisen from this work:

4. Affective Landscapes – Can only a surfer know the feeling?

5. From the sea. A film from a surfer’s perspective.

6. Relational Places. Paper presented at the RGS/IBG conference, London, 2010.

6. Surfing Green. Paper presented at the AAG conference, Las Vegas, 2009.

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