Cultural Geographies Module

This page outlines some of the materials produced for the Cultural Geographies: Places and Practices module. This module is delivered in the second year of the BSc Geography (Human) degree, Cardiff University.

Here is a short film about how culture and power are tied into our everyday geographies

Here is a podcast outlining a brief overview of the history of cultural geography.

Here are some of the cultural traces I see on my way into work.

Here is a short film about Youth Culture, Graffiti, Skateboarding and Public Space, on Queens Walk in the South Bank in London.

Here is a short film about Skate Culture.

This short film focuses on City Road in Cardiff, and shows the different ways in which we can see ‘a world in one city (road)’.

Moving into more performative and more than representational geographies, this film tries to get closer to a ‘language of lived experience’ and share one experience of kayaking on the River Taff, Cardiff.

This is an edit from the BBC Four documentary a Brief History of Graffiti.

Films that students have made on this module can be found here.

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