Geography, Place, and Culture

This interest focuses on the reciprocal relationships between the discipline of human geography, the practice of culture, and the creation of place.

Culture is the battleground on which contemporary politics and society determines our opportunities, rights, and futures. In short, the power of different cultures transforms our world. I have written extensively on these issues including the textbook Understanding Cultural Geography which offers a comprehensive introduction to this vital area of human life. By focusing on the notion of ‘place’, it showcases how this discipline can be used to understand how cultures define and form our spatial lives. There have been three English language editions of this book, and one in Korean. The third English language edition has been fully revised and updated to incorporate recent literature and reflect the changing cultural context of our time. The preface to the third edition can be found here: 0001 Forwards!), and a further extract here. A Q&A on the second edition can be found here. There follows a short video introducing how cultures and geographies can be tied together in our everyday lives.



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